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Join 4H

DO you have a little that's 5+years old?! did you know he or she can Join 4H!

Jenn grew up doing 4H and now heads the horse project with Cerro Alto 4H, here in Atascadero.

Join here!

Littles First 4-H show!!!

To be honest we really had no idea what we were doing.... We learned how to wash a chicken and show one from videos on YouTube ha ha.

Little placed 4th out of 5 kids and after speaking with the judge (whom was super kind and gave great pointers). We learned that she did exceptionally well for her first show... needs to learn more body parts of the chicken, Practice walking the chicken and practice more fluid movements with them.... Proud mommy right here!!

4-H Strong

Years ago I was in this uniform... Now my little is representing.

Years ago I was asking my parents to help with things.... Now im doing it.

Years ago I was prepping for a show..... now its my little prepping for it.

Years ago My mom would hang a fresh clean white uniform ready to go......  Now I get to hang it up.

Years ago before a show I would be running around collecting things I needed..... now I get to watcher her.

And years ago

I learned that hard work and drive pay's off

now I get to watch her learn......

-Jenn Foss