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Field Trips! & Egg Hatching Experiences

Foss Farm is now offering Field trips and Hatching egg experiences!

Contact Jenn for availability or see below! 805-550-7517 [email protected]


We are a small Family Farm and are NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Come see what we do here on our small farm. Field trips typically last 1 hour +/-. We will take a walk around the property checking out the many garden plots, our small green house, table grape vineyard, Feed the Chickens!! and hold or pet one too!!! See the horses and our small hay barn!! 

***Please note because we are a family farm and not OPEN to the public we do not have restrooms available at this time., we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Field Trip Availability

Field trips are great for Mom's Clubs, Groups, schools.....

Contact Jenn to book



[email protected]

Egg Hatching Experience

-Our Egg Experience is a month long (4 week +/- )

Program includes: Weekly visits from Jenn on Wednesdays to review development, what is happening in the eggs and Question/ Answers.

-1- Incubator

-Power surge protector

-Chicken or quail fertile hatching eggs (20+/- eggs depending on availability)

Brooder set up- babies will stay in the class room for a few days to 1 week, heat plate, food/water/ containers, feed, bedding.


-Delivery & Pick up


-Lock down Incubator Experience! (Lets get ready for the babies)

**At the End of the Hatching Experience all the supplies and chicks come back to Foss Farm.

$100 for above mentioned (only serving San Luis Obispo County at this time)

**(The set up you will be provided is worth over $400)**

Hatching Experience Rental space is limited to 4 sites during the months of 

October- Completed

February- 4 out of 4 spots available

March- 4 out of 4 spots available

April (Preschools only due to holiday breaks)- 4 out of 4 spots available

May- 4 out of 4 spots available


-Provides real- life experiences

-Teachers are busy and often dont have time to research and plan special Projects

-Chicken hatch rental at its best!